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“We have been able to gain insights that have made us significantly more profitable as a result of being more informed. This has led to wiser decisions and time savings.”


Solutions for land professionals that make sense. The Teranet Land Professionals Solutions Group understands the challenge of technology and big data. Utilizing the most up-to-date parcel, mapping, title, document, and imagery-based solutions; we have helped hundreds of commercial type organizations increase efficiency, enhance productivity and improve the decision making process. Want to learn more? Contact us anytime to see how the Teranet Land Solutions Professionals Group can help make your organization better, smarter via intelligent data driven decisions.

How We Support Land Professionals

Ontario Parcel Mapping: Ownership and Assessment

Custom Mapping Solutions

Title Data Products: Ownership Property Report, Easement Report, Properties of Interest Report, PIN-Plan Index, PIN-ARN (Assessment Roll Number) Index, and Address of Service Information

Imagery Solutions: Aerial Imagery, Oblique Imagery, LiDAR and 3D Datasets

Geospatial Solutions

*Subject to VAP Approval

Types of Land Professionals That Use Our Solutions

Builders and Developers

Land Surveyors

Real Estate

Agriculture, Mining, and Construction


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Ontario Parcel

Streamline your business processes with Ontario’s most comprehensive land parcel dataset

Title Data Products

All the property data you need in one convenient location

Imagery Products

A variety of Imagery & LiDAR based solutions via the Teranet Imagery Partnership Program


Critical data that drives smart decisions