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“Tax Certificates Online has saved us a significant amount of time because it eliminates many steps typically involved in the process of obtaining a property tax certificate. Absolute genius.”


The TCOL platform is a fast, convenient way of obtaining municipal tax certificates electronically. For the past 17 years, the TCOL platform has delivered millions of tax certificates electronically in partnership with over 100 Canadian municipalities in British Columbia and Ontario!

The TCOL platform enables lawyers and other interested parties, in Ontario, to acquire tax certificates more efficiently by simply entering the Assessment Roll Number, address, or PIN for certificate requests.

Why participate in TCOL?

  • No capital spending is required to set up the online service.
  • Online processing reduces the effort required and improves the turnaround time for both municipalities and the legal community.
  • Municipalities can deliver tax certificates to a wider provincial audience with lesser effort and greater efficiency.
  • Teranet manages the entire revenue collection process and can provide payments daily or monthly resulting in improved cash flow.
  • Dedicated Help Desk and Administration Staff that are able to assist TCOL users in the order, payment, and fulfillment processes of tax certificates.


Icon of a checkmark on a document representing access to municipal tax certificates.

Access Municipal Tax Certificates

Direct access to Municipal Tax Certificates through our established TCOL platform.

Icon of a gavel representing access to lawyers.

Access Lawyers

Direct access to lawyers through our established conveyance platforms.

Icon of 24/7 and arrows representing our solution being available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Service is Available 24/7

Securely request a Tax Certificate electronically 24/7

Icon of a checklist with the first box checked representing the fact that there are no hidden charges or fees.

No Hidden Charges or Fees

No extra charges or credit card transaction fees on payments made through our portal.

Icon of a dollar sign with arrows pointing outwards representing direct deposit into municipal bank accounts.

Direct Deposit to Municipal Bank Accounts

Collected fees are deposited directly into municipal bank accounts.

Icon of a man with a dollar sign beside him representing easy payment options.

Easy Payment Options

Icon of a document with a graph on it representing daily, secure reporting.

Daily Secure Reporting

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